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Kelowna Is More Than A Tourist Destination!

Kelowna BC is a hot and sunny tourist destination in Canada where people from all over the world come to enjoy. Kelowna has amazing beaches, wine, hiking trails, beautiful mountains, and camping!

What people do not know about Kelowna is all the amazing farmers market products! Products range from organic fruits and veggies, oyster mushrooms, baked goods, soft pretzels, jams and sauces, hand crafted rings and necklaces, soaps, essential oils and more!

I started Boho Gift Baskets as a way to continue to work from home, raise my child, and showcase amazing local products in unique gift baskets that can range from $75 to $400 depending on what your budget is! You can choose a type of basket and size, or contact me directly with a budget and choose what you want in your basket!

Support local and send an amazing gift to friends, family and loved ones!

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