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Say Happy Birthday with a Personalized Birthday Gift Basket!

Sending a unique birthday gift for a close friend or family member is something we all like to do, as well as making things more convenient in our busy lives. It's much easier and faster to send a gift basket to a family member who lives in another province.

I noticed as a repeated gift basket purchaser and sender, a lot of the gift baskets out there seem to become too generic. My Happy Birthday gift basket is that unique gift you are looking for!

Why not personalize your Happy Birthday gift basket to fit your budget while making the gift extra special? A list of options will be available to choose from.

This personalized gift basket includes all local products from the Kelowna/Okanagan area. Also added to the basket is The Boho Mama Anti-Aging Body Butter, and The Boho Mama Lip Balm. Both these products are made with organic Shea butter and organic Cocoa butter, with specific essential oils that help combat fine lines and wrinkles all over your body. An extra sweet and special touch is the beautiful heart shaped rose quartz!

Contact me today for a personalized gift basket. Send that amazing person in your life a birthday gift basket that they will totally love!

(Above gift basket worth $100)

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