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Spoil the Vegans in Your Life!

Need an awesome gift for your vegan friend? Let me do the work for you! My vegan baskets come with many different options which will make your vegan friends and family happy!

My lovely friends from Maple and Manchester make amazing vegan cheeze out of cashews! Their vegan cheeze is a must for any vegan basket! They have many different flavours including sun dried tomato, balsamic and blue cheeze.

You can add some vegan bread sticks and vegan crackers, also add jam and vegan chocolate as a special touch to finish off your basket!

Drop Naked is a new company in Kelowna who specializes in vegan chocolates made with organic dark chocolate, organic dates, organic cocoa powder, with many different flavour combos made with peanut butter and other organic ingredients. Yum!

Contact me today for more info about vegan baskets and options for the vegan in your life!

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