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The Boho Mama Product Line

Making your own personal care products is fun as well as much, MUCH healthier for you!

Let's be honest here, if you really paid attention to the ingredients in store bought products like deodorant, body lotion and lip balm, you would be horrified! The chemicals that are added to store bought products are toxic and cancer causing.

Most deodorants contain aluminum, which is toxic. Aluminum is essentially a neurotoxin, which means it is poisonous to both the nervous system and the brain. There is a strong connection between Alzheimer's disease and elevated brain aluminum levels. Aluminum toxicity in the brain is commonly referred to as hypersensitivity.

Parabens are one of the best-known toxic ingredients, and yet these preservatives, derived from petroleum, are still incredibly pervasive. Not only are there links to breast cancer, they are known endocrine disruptors, meaning they mimic estrogen in the body, which can lead to hormonal imbalances and infertility. Parabens can be listed under different names, but the most common are methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, and ethylparaben. Parabens are common in lotions and lip products.

I have been using natural products for a long time. I love making them! My products are all organic, aluminum-free and good for you. Some of the products I am perfecting at the moment are anti-aging body butters, anti-aging mocha chaga face scrubs, conditioning lip balm, hair thickening serums, charcoal toothpaste and aluminum-free deodorants.

Some of my ingredients used are organic cocoa butter, organic Shea butter, Chaga powder, organic coconut oil, organic coffee grounds, as well as oils like Argan oil, Orange oil, Peppermint oil, Frankincense oil, Tea Tree oil and Castor oil.

I choose every ingredient for a reason and purpose always, like for anti aging purposes, hair thickening or pain relief. My body butter is anti aging, as well as my Chaga mocha face scrub, my hair serum helps thicken and grow hair, and tea tree oil and aluminum-free baking soda in my deodorant is the perfect way to keep odors at bay!

Individual products can be ordered online at

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